Old Explosives Storage

I was bored, so I started with a nuclear waste storage. Unfortunately, something went wrong, and it was gone, no auto-save…:mad:
So I started again and I had a similar idea, an old explosives storage or whatever I would call it.
Things to do: All the barrels have the same texture… I need to make some difference between them.

Feel free to comment and critic! I’m not sure I can respond soon, because of school…:slight_smile:


I removed the fence, I actually didn’t liked it. So I moved the sign to the wall, added a small light bulb, wires and some rules. For those who wonder what the rules are:

Nice start, since I am an electrician and all, thought I’d point out that if this is a storage room for flamables, then your light needs to have an explosion proof cover, and most storage rooms have some sort of chain that goes in front of the containers to help prevent them from a tip over.

Thanks, I’ll try to model that one, with a bit of rust, and a chain. Never modelled a chain, an array maybe.

blender 2.5 now has an addon you can enable in the user pref. for chain mesh!
looks good

Looks good. Try and check the cables, they are too random, and with no support to the wall.

Now I have time enough, school holiday!
Already added a chain, still need to texture.
Yes, I still need to make the wire support.
I’ll post a picture soon!


  • Chain (still not satisfied with the shape)
  • Remodelled the wire
  • Added place holders for the wire.

Still not did the lamp, I’m not sure whether I’m going to replace that one. Anyone ideas?

Might look cool if you pull a cable from the wall to the lamp, attached to the ceiling. Like those old places where cables didn’t pass through the walls.

Good idea, any ideas where it comes from? From the right corner, from the ground?

I would pull it from the middle of the back wall, or the middle of the left wall.


  • Changed camera position
  • Small compositing update

I added a split viewer, so you can see the image half composited, half uncomposited.

Feel free to C&C.:wink: