Old Factory Hall

Hi everyone!

This is a project I’m working on for quite some time. My goal is to achieve a photo realistic old factory hall and this is how it looks now:

Until now I always knew what I could improve to make it look better but now I’m a bit stuck and don’t really know what exactly makes the picture look unrealistic. It would be nice if anybody could give me some feedback about what to improve.

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Very nice. I especially like the lighting. You might wanna add some shattered glass, maybe on the floor as well as some remains still stuck in the frameing of those windows. Maybe rather frosted, yellowish glass, which has those internal checkerboard-type structures in it. Something a bit like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jcjc100/5556785165/in/set-72157623277854715

Well and maybe some cobwebs. Imho those barrels are a bit of a clichée.

greetings, Kologe

nice, though I don’t quite get what those ballish things are and why they are there.

Generally, I think it looks good but as a hobby photographer with old industry as an interest there are things I miss. First of all I miss water puddles on the floor, I’ve never been in an abandoned factory that has not been wet in one way or another. The columns are to perfect, all columns whether they are new or old is a bit crooked and uneven. The same applies to the scrap on the floor, they have to perfect and straight edges.
Otherwise, I think models, textures and lighting looks great.


The textures are nice. I don’t understand what are the small red bits on the floor.

Suggestion: maybe you could make the vegetation more present, so that it gives a feeling of abandon.

Thanks for your feedback!
You really helped me out an gave me some ideas how I could improve the image. Probably tomorrow I will have time to work on it.

@ctdabomb: Do you mean that beside the pillar? They are supposed to be some pebble rocks but you are right they don’t look very good. :wink:

@Benny_Flex: The red bits on the floor are firecrackers but I think I added to much and somehow it doesn’t really make sense that they are everywhere in there :confused:

Hello Hyrrokkin!
I am a Ph.D. candidate and I am looking for images to illustrate some of the concepts I am working on. I wanted to ask you if you would be so kind to let me use this wonderful render in my research. If you do I will gladly add your name to the acknowledgments in any work it appears.