Old file geo nodes, no clue

Hey folks,

Since geonodes are evolving fast it’s no surprise that even recent files get deprecated.
I am trying to revive one but i have no clue which nodes i used or with which ones i should replace them.
Anyone seeing one they recognise please don’t be shy.

  1. subdividion surface
    2)distribute points on faces
    5)object info

However, you wont be able to do a direct replacement, because the old nodes work differently in concept, esp attributes.

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This setup should reproduce it, as long as you input the correct object into the object info node.

I think it’s a proximity node. The old raycast was a huge node, and had settings for the ray direction and stuff.


Wow, thanks guys, really appreciate it !!
I’ll be able to revive the file for sure now.
By the way this was the result (in the style of the mantissa).
I want to up the level of this a bit.