"old game" || 30 mins (aproximately)

tmr232 http://img352.imageshack.us/img352/4186/oldgamesmc1ct.jpg

spazz http://psprince2.ps.funpic.de/wip/blender/chess01.jpg


Now, why would you make the thing say “Which game is the oldest”? Either way Spazz’s was the best modeled and oldest.

yeah, spazz for me too. I like the game and watches a bit.

yeah!! :smiley: I won! That’s my second time at all.

It’s my first SMC. I’m just a beginner :), but someone appreciated my little creation and it feels good. :>
Anyway the topic was: “old game”, and not “the oldest game”, and that’s why i feel somewhat cheated. ;/

@spazz: you deserve it :slight_smile:

Oh thanks :smiley:

Dude… 3 week old thread.