Old game logic doesn't work with 2.42

hey i have a little problem here… i have my prototype FPS sort of game… i have the basic movement the fw, strafe L/R and mouse look working in 2.41 but when i upgraded to 2.42 only the mouse look works… please help me…

me too.

i use W A S D to Control my charater by Python

but in 2.42 it didn’t work on W key

and i dont understand my game run too fast than 2.41 :slight_smile:

Were you using Sumo or Bullet physics?

2.42 only uses Bullet.

Here’s some fps logic from a noob - works in 2.42 - just keys without mouse look. (arrow keys, left shift to strafe). Note “form” button stops wobble in logic.

i dont anything about python. but it works fine for me.

just like hokuken i use python together with game logic… and yes it works only when you start from scratch… :frowning:

You can use Sumo, but you probably want to switch to Bullet, Erwin will only fix and address Bullet related problems and Sumo may be removed by the next release. So If you need to send a bug report to Erwin, make sure it’s in Bullet.