Old Game Updated

-Hi !
-I have updated one of my old games,Mountain Race.Better graphics,better dynamics and a lot of python stuff.I wish you a good frame rate even i have worked a lot to make it playable.



nice. Very professional looking menu screen.

The other cars seem to go MUCH faster han mine :frowning:


Cool work!! Some sound would be great though. :wink:

Cool…I seem to have a problem where the computers all bunch together to form 1 car and when it passes me I go straight to -3 place? Odd…But cool game! I like the bug head guy :slight_smile:

-Yeah I know the position detetctor doesnt work perfectly.It’s why Blender gives two impulses when it collides sometimes.

Thanx for replying to anyone

Yeah, its a bit slow on my laptop, but other than that, its a VERY nice looking game. Good menu, good physics, fairly good ai, I can’t judge it too well from this computer, but it definately looks like you put some major effort into it. Looks like you have A LOT of python as well. I’m curious as to what all the tree scripts are for? Anyway, it’s definately an improvement over the last one.


-The tree scripts uses the same trees in other parts of the track.I thought at the beggining it would increase frame rate but I didn’t get much results.
Than I left anything as it was.

Haha, I know how that goes. You could probably imporve the frame rate if you put all the trees around the track in the right places, then join them all into ONE mesh. I presume that would speed the game up by a signifigant amount.

hey, nice trees, its hard to find good textures of trees because of the partial transparant part…

mind if i borrow/steal them for myself?