Old game

This game its not finished because we work on stalker alternative.
Play in version 2.41 physic sumo.
Use mouse to take control on plane.
enjoy :):):slight_smile:


Alot of people here wont download anything without screenshots, post some please, we want to see what we are downloading.

Yep, No pictures, no clicktures :stuck_out_tongue:

check your email :slight_smile:

alternative link

Looks good.

I can’t seem to control the plane… it just randomly flies…

yeah, same here…

Use sumo physics, in bullet are not working

I did, it still doesnt work…Do you have to use 2.41?..

thats what he said though i haven’t tried it yet

I found it works fine (using 2.42 without changing from Bullet). It’s hard to control, but the environments and the models are very nice.