Old games

(Pooba) #1

Hey, i was just wondering if anybody would go to my old site and download some of my old games there, particulary roller, and tell me what you think!


(saluk) #2

Roller is really good, the other games are only so so, but you have to start learning somwhere. I remember I spent quite a long time with the first roller months ago, but I never did manage to beat the first level :slight_smile:

(IngieBee) #3

I couldn’t get the cat to jump or throw a furball, then Blender crashed, LOL. Cute idea though, even though I was eaten up by a bunch of huge mice and may have nightmares tonight :wink:

What was it you were going for in the split screen? The bottom screen moved, but the top stayed still. Are they of the same object? Should the top screen have been moving along with the bottom? only showing another point of view?

Well, roller was fun, but again, Blender crashed. Tomorrow I put in a new hard drive and start from scratch (including a linux install) Hopefully that will make my machine more stable. This one is my oldest and has all kinds of funky little programs I got over the years on it, and I don’t use, but it’s so full, I dread organizing and uninstalling etc… so I’ll just “archive” that stuff and start all over, LOL. I’m so lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

That might be the problem with blender crashing so don’t assume it’s the game.

Keep it up, Ingie

(saluk) #4

Yikes, definately sounds like evil computer problems rather than blender/game problems. Good luck fixing it, I hate computers sometimes…

(Pooba) #5

The split screen was meant for 2 Players, use the Arrows and WASD.
I have made a kind of better way to do it, which involves rapidly switching in-between cameras. You can see it when i release roller2 v2 :slight_smile: