Old Gas Station

This is a scene of a gas station that existed into the seventies. I have always wanted to do it in 3d.


It looks really good, but certainly needs more work. I like the composition in particular. I can see you made use of the Rule of Thirds, and you have a clear foreground, middleground, and background. Everything is modelled well, but the building windows are particularly appealing. The lighting is a little simplistic, but it doesn’t look finished. Once the scene is textured, try adding some light from the building windows, or possibly headlights from the car.

This appears to be a night scene. Those are hard, because finding the balance between too dark and too bright can spoil the realism. Either way, keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing this piece finished.

Unibrow1994, thanks for your observations. I am a long way from finished. The main design element to be added is a tree that grew right through the edge of the roof on the left side.

Yesterdays work.

Todays work on the tree. I am not thrilled with it, but it is the corrrect shape.

Here is todays work. I did a lot of scale and camera FOV adjustment and more modelling.

Looks good for its actual status. The house models on the right could use a little bit more detail. Actual they look a little bil like a prison.
For the trees you used sapling?

Emperor_of_Mars, the scene is an actual place from the seventies, and yes, the trees are from Sapling. More work from today.

looking really nice… the details you are adding really seem to be coming together. over all it feels a little too clean and sharp, though – not sure if i’m describing that well. even some of the lighting feel that way. but it’s a wip, so you may be working towards tweaking those things. looking good!

you’ve mentioned a couple of times that this is an actual place. is there a photo somewhere?

Hello rinse, the only one I have was taken years after my drawing of it, and shows only the station and motel to the right, but here it is.

I am getting more textured, and refining the lights a little.

Looking good Steven. Need to start adding some atmosphere in there but it’s shaping up nicely.

shamusboy, I agree, but don’t know yet how to add effective atmosphere:P Still refining shaped and light.

There is not a real big difference from yesterday, but here is my update.


This has significantly improved from what I last saw it. Here are some things to fix/do/enhance:

The sky seems a little odd. It’s entirely possible that you just didn’t get around to that yet, but the blue looks unnatural, sort of like the default background from Blender pre-2.49. In the foreground, the left, bottom corner has some kind of weird gap in it. That needs to be fixed. In addition, it appears there’s some kind of blur on the pavement, either from depth of field or texture distortion. See if you can fix that, and texture the pavement well. CGTextures has a lot of great seamless asphalt textures.

For whatever reason, the trees look a little off. The color seems a little too dull, and the leaves seem a little bit too shiny. Also, try adding something behind the gas station windows. Right now, the building looks abandoned.

Now for the fun part: what I like. First, the brick textures and the plywood garage look phenomenal. The lighting inside the gas station looks real, and is currently in the uncanny valley (almost photorealistic, but not yet there). The modeling is done extremely well, and I can see you put attention into minor details. THe gas pumps, signs, fire hydrant, power pole and lines, and buildings are all done beautifully. I can tell you’ve taken time to the modeling correctly.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what happens with this. Keep up the good work!

Hello Unibrow1994, we seem to like the same types of scenes:) All your points were also areas I was trying to fix, I don’t know if they are fixed yet, but here is the updated scene.


Todays work.

Great work Steven! I really like the mood you’re setting with this piece. In my opinion the red building on the right could be a different coulour as it steers away from the general colour pallete you have for the over all scene. Also, the window on the right that has light coming through is a little distracting from your actual focal point which is your gas station, perhaps try dimming that light a little, or why not have a human or a dog looking leaning from the window and looking into the gas station? As viewers wer’re always interested in looking at what other “humans” are looking at or pointing to. An one final thought could be the gas sign (the one that says 'Standard") much taller.

Other than that it’s looking fantastic! Awesome work!!

This is just a suggestion but maybe add street name sign on wall of the red building? Just a little detail idea popped into head.

Thanks Luis-Felipe, this last render was finished before your comments, so it still is basically the same as yesterday.