Old Glass Render in Blender Pub. 2.25

(LAinLA) #1

I was just looking through my old Blender renders and found my first attempt at rendering a wine glass in Blender. I tried rendering it in Pub.2.25. I used the first Blender tutorial books tips on reflections. What do you think? It’s a pure Blender render no touch -upz. or anything.

Here the link(drag and copy and paste)-



LA- keep it reallllllllllll


(paradox) #2

Nice! I really like the colors of your scene too.

(ed26) #3

pretty good, love the reflections on the orbs.

(bob_dog) #4

Nice caustic in the shadow as well! Looks very convincing.

(LAinLA) #5

I had first rendered this image on my old trusty AMD 500mhz k62. Man that was slow.
I rendered it recently on a dual p3 Tualatin msi box. It renders faster than my bro’s P3 xeon set . Wew!

Tualatin? yes-Tualatin…

If some fun-lovin’ blender coding freak ever gets around to adding a photon based rendering plug-in for Blender like Finalrender etc, I try rendering this scene with that baby. I just may very well pass out at the sheer beauty of Benders rendering power.

All Hemi and Spot lights and ENV Maps!

Blender, Baby, all the way!

Blender Open source ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh! Bring it on!


(Alltaken) #6

yes bring it on

its a pity
i’m to poor to have become a founding memberalthough i wished that i could have.
(Kinda why i use good old FREE blender in the first place)
i never want to change from useing blender cause its great!!!

great balls ohh yeah and the glass is just as good too

look kinda like those chistmas decorations. you know!!! the glass ball ones.

love it