Old glory

Hi all,
this is a render I’ve been working on these last month. It’s about a finished bullfighter remembering his glory days.

Hope you like it. Critics and comments are very welcome.


love the detail on the clothes,
what was your set up for the skin? needs a bit more specular shine .
and maybe some more contrast overall, comes cross a bit flat .
great expression.
this guy takes no bull ! :slight_smile:

Looks great. Though I think you have gone a bit overboard with expression, especially with mouth. It could work better with a tad gentlier expression. I think skin shader should be improved, it needs sharper texture, currently skin pores etc arent visible.

Had some more time to work a little bit on face material.
I added a better spec layer and another layer to hilight colors.
Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate!

Looks great man…awesome cloth detail and character texture…

wow, the clothes are perfect! good job!

What can i say? Bravo !! :yes:

Wow, that looks perfect. That was a month well spent.

All those details in the jacket must have been a lot of work. Great picture!

Great work. I love the detail in the shoulders.

Yup. The second render’s much better. The texturing is perfect and I love the expression on the guy’s face!

es preocupante la falta de madures de los administradores de la pagina y de los usuarios de blender en general,lo que nos enloquece son los dibujitos animados, los autos muy brillantes,o los insufribles audifonos, pero cuando aparece un trabajo de calidad como este no somos capaces de apreciarlo en su verdadera dimensión…seguramente si le pionía unos audifonos a la imagen ya estaria en la galería…en todo caso le presento mis respetos por que lo que yo veo es un trabajo de altísimo nivel…gracias por compartirlo

The expression is just a WIN for me.

It’s like…

Must be her father.

could we see some wires of the jacket? i love what you’ve done, it’s very detailed. i’m curious what’s actual geometry and what’s added by textures.

Great job! :slight_smile: Still, the first version I liked more. Probably just not enough contrast in the face, in the approximate version of the texture of the skin seems a little fuzzy.

Hey, thanks for the comments!
adesypersefone, I really appreciate your comment, but I can understand my job is not in the gallery. There’s so many good jobs here. I guess simply there’s no room for everyone. But I’m ok with that! Anyway, headphones set would have been a good feature for the character :wink: I whish I had thought of it before!

ohsnapitsjoel, here’s a snapshot of the jacket details with wires activated. As you can see, everything is modeled. I guess some features could have been resolved using bumped textures, but I have so much fun modeling!

Thanks again for your comments!

wow a lot of detail! awesome!