Old Gpu Support in Blender 3d 2.8x 2.9x

Hello, someone knows how to restore support for old graphics cards by new versions of the blender
in 2.79 the card is detected and in 2.8x and newer it is not
gpu: gts 450
W7 x64

Hi. 400 and 500 (Fermi) series are not supported in Cycles from Blender 2.8.
But 400 series meets the OpenGL requirements to work with Blender in Solid mode and with Eevee

eevee supports graphics card acceleration in render?
I don’t see any option there

can notacceleration restore by replacing files from 2.79 to 2.8x?

Eevee uses OpenGL, so it uses your GPU by default without the need for any extra configuration in Blender (Although you probably also will have problems with Eevee in non-ordinary scenes due to low vRAM)

I do not know of any workaround and I think it is not possible to do it due to incompatibility of the latest versions of CUDA with those old cards (and I assume that new Blender/Cycles uses new features from latest versions of CUDA)

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but still my graphics card is on the list of supported cards

That is for OpenGL, that is for Blender in general. For Cycles and CUDA computation:

CUDA requires graphics cards with compute capability 3.0 and higher.

As you can see here your card is CUDA compute capabilities 2.1 and lost support from CUDA 9:

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Okay ok topic solved thank you for your help
I have one more question, which series of cards from nvidi has these 3.0 wonders

Enter the wikipedia link that I have share above and scroll down, there is a table where the graphic cards are described according to compute capabilities versions.

If you are thinking of getting a card, for Blender 2.8+ vRAM amount is very important. You get the card with more vRAM than your budget allows.

FTFY :slight_smile:

At this point I wouldn’t bother buying anything older than Maxwell generation and nothing below at least 6gb of vram. So a GTX 980 or better would be my recommendation.