Old guy needs help with skills way beyond my capabilities.

Hi guys, I’m based in South Africa and have been building a Land Speed Record streamliner for longer than I can remember.
I might have gotten lucky in my old age with an offer of a sponsorship from an oil company in the UAE.
This in itself is a miracle and although I’ve been blessed with skills 3D rendering is not one of them.

I’m looking for a volunteer to do 3D rendering of the car with the potential sponsors logos in place?.

The car is a pretty simple shape unlike a road car and my own poor attempts on Photoshop aren’t too bad but a professional job would go a long way to hopefully securing funding for my project.
Streamliners are long and low with the wheels covered so the basic shape is a rocket with a small window.

I come from an era where a handshake was as good as a signed contract and if I say I’ll reimburse the person
who does the rendering you can take my word for it.

As this is my first post I’m not sure how this all works and if I have made mistakes I’m sure Admin will correct me.
Thanks for having me. You guys do awesome work. Mike.

I’m no admin, but I’d recommend posting blueprints. If you can, of course. If it’s confidential stuff that you don’t want stolen, then don’t do it.

By blueprints, I mean scale drawings of the front, side, top, etc. of the car. If you can do this, I may be in. Just tell me the colors, how detailed you want it, etc.

Sounds like it could be a fun project tauruck. I’m happy to help if you can send me some more details.

My contact details are on my portfolio - https://www.behance.net/MicahDenn