Old House in a Forest


So, that’s my House. I worked on it for 4 Days. Everything is selfmade, even the plants, nothing is made by any generators. Textures are from the free-blender-Texture-Disk. Just the Textur of the leafs is made by myself. It is rendered with the Blender Internal Engine.No PostPro. What do you think about it?

btw. what do you think about a small broken window in the Wall that is farest away?


thats sweet dude. btw, did you use textures?

cool, though I think the wall could use a box standing on it… just my opinion

I like it it’s a bit dark though lighten it up a little.

Very good !
I like the feeling of that image…
keep it up

Very nicely done, really gets the point across.

wow, great work. I don’t really have too much of anything to crit, except maybe that the wrecked parts look too regular, especially on the roof section where the boards are falling away. All the broken pieces look alike. Its still a fantastic image though.

You know what? I like this piece a lot. Reminds me of great childhood times. Good stuff.

very pro good job

I like this one a lot, it has a sorta homely feeling to it. The materials and textures are the best part of this render (gonna take a look at the texture disk). Great Job.

woww that great bro… how can u do that!!!
teach me please!!!

I’m curious what you used to render this scene. Very well done.

wow dude… i love the atmosphere… (ambience)… you can get really into it…
reminds me of far cry :stuck_out_tongue: