Old house on the prairie (Final Final Last Post 11/17/04)

MUCH better. Good work, erich. I suppose I have to agree with the above post about the evenness of the grass, but it’s not that noticable, and I wouldn’t ask you to render that again :stuck_out_tongue: .

Well, I concur w/ most comments, and I like the house itself very much. I’d add a bit noise on the texture (whichever family ends up doing a good job), in order to age the whole thing.


Wow :o No crits other than the pattern of the grass as mentioned before, and that isn’t a big crit. Great work.

Black and White Final


Color Final


Great improvement compared with the first and second pic. good job.

hows about some tuts on making the grass? Looks great.

This is a great picture. I’m glad you kept at it improving it until it is where it is now. Well done.

So much for your “finished” project.

Great Improvement!

ditto on the grass tutorial request.

The house is just beautiful

Yes this one is excellent. I wonder though if its an abandoned house, if not there should be some wearing on the grass infront of the porch maybe a trail to the road? Unless of course the owner is a gardener and not a carpenter, then I can see the reason why the grass look good but the house is in need for repair…

Again this one is excellent!


Beautiful mood in it.
Somehow i like things around the house more. The fence is well done. And the grass and the trail. The house seems a bit artificial. But its nice anyway.

Really really cool and great work!! :smiley:
but one thing that I dont really like in the pic, is the grass… but dont know how to fix it, only in 3d max, sorry but as always keep up the good work :smiley:

Thanks everyone again for the kind comments and helpful critiques.

hows about some tuts on making the grass? Looks great.

Thanks! :smiley: Actually, I used a tutorial someone else posted on the forums. I can not remember the poster’s name. The technique used static particles. I modified the parameters in the tutorial example till I was satisfied with the result. Maybe in the future I can provide my own tutorial.

I have your lastest house image as a background on my desktop. I reminds me of the house my grandparents used to live in. I really liked the idea of adding a windmill behind the house. I am trying to model a windmill now.
How about making us a blend file of your grass settings so we could learn from it.


Here is a link to the requested blend file. Note the textures are packed.


It should look like this.

Fantastic work erich. The grass is probably the best I have ever seen. Well done.

I feel that there could still be a lot added to the scene in the foregroung though. Just some scattered stuff that would make it look more farmy (is that a wrod? %| ). Some old milk jugs lying around the stairs. That kind of thing.


Thanks BgDM! :smiley: It was “maxpayne” who posted the tutorial I used for the grass. Here is a link to the thread: http://www.elysiun.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21127&highlight=

I changed the halo color and added a textured ground plane under the particles.

I agree with you regarding the foreground. I may add something in the future.