old house renovated


another shot

Looks really nice! I assume those wooden “beams” on the ceiling are not structural and are just for deco

No it’s structural, i’m based on an project : http://www.cosedicasa.com/legno-e-pietra-a-vista-nella-casa-restaurata-71652/ the seismic law imposes very oversized beams

well, italian laws… if you build up a garage you have to make it sustain a nuclear bombardment: nevertheless very nice!!! it is also located close to where i live. (from bassano)

Ah, I get that. We use 2x4 inch and 2x6 inch wood entirely in the USA unless there is a large span, then maybe double them up or get a laminate beam. Barns tend to have beams on the outside (uprights in corners, sometimes on long sides) and two horizontal and then cross beams wherever the uprights are. In between just 2x4. No earthquakes in this part of the US though. That makes a huge difference

I have a friend who builds houses and he tell me ,he have realized some project in wich if you look from far you are not able to see the ceiling, you can se only the, beams( forgive my bad english)

I live in Ferrara near Finale Emilia, epicenter of the eathquake of the 2012,and only after a night like that you can understand the importance of living in a building earthquake resistant