Old houses in an idyllic setting

This is my finished result of my homework, of the last part, Module 10 of the Architecture Academy.
I did not Submit it to the academy course, because I know it would not be considered, since it is not a cabin.
Though the beams are still beams, and there are the tree and nature.

It’s not photoreal, I don’t know why it is not photorealistic or what makes it stand out from being photorealistic.

It’s mainly the dark and sharp shadows that make your render stand out from being photorealistic.

Right now it looks kinda as if it was rendered with BI. That means: there seems to be no Global Illumination.
Did you render the image with Cycles? If so, could it be that you have set Diffuse to 0 in the Render-settings under the Light Paths Tab?
Are you using the “World” to lighten the scene additionally to the sun-lamp?

To give the shadows less sharp edges turn up the “Size” of the sun-lamp in the lamp-settings.

I agree with TheAlmightyF on this. Also, I don’t really like how overblown the facing side of the house is. But fantastic modeling and execution!

I wonder how it would looks like when u lower the shining sun up to first building and try to filter it as oil paint asfter all its pleasing to look at it.

Something about the rocks in the lower right doesn’t look quite right. They look more like they have been stuck to a backing, rather than being stacked in a heap.

Otherwise the image looks fantastic! Nice work.

Thanks everybody. I have updated the image, and in a slightly different setting:

Much better shadows!
But the sky looks too dark now.

Looks very good! Improved immensely. I can’t point anything out that is taking away from the image :slight_smile: