old internet documentary

i was just surfing around ebaums world, marveling at what i could do with my 2 week old DSL connection :stuck_out_tongue: . i found this cool video:


its a real old news documentary about the internet. i found it kind of cool, and sort of eye-opening, i realised how much i take the internet for granted :D.

i dont really know my internet history all that well, but a little research suggested that this was around the mid to late 1970’s.

[post deleted by myself]


Eric’s quite a slut
Other peoples’ work has made him rich
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Eric’s team of lawyers made the internet his bitch.

Alex_G , yes, i know about that website, and my philosophy is ‘out of sight, out of mind’ so i just pretend it doesnt exist. also, its a lot easier to just go there and watch a few vids than scouring the net looking for them.

PassiveSmok, i dont know what/who the hell you are talking about, im just assuming it was from a vid in the 2nd post, so i deleted it.

i guess this thread is going straight to hell or wherever these things go.

(unless somebody can offer something constructive to say)

ebaums world is ok, but most of their stuff now excluding the (semi) dail updates are pretty old.

entensity.net is really really funny, but NOT safe for work