Old Italian Building

I found this old work while putting order in the hard drive, it was quite finished so i thought why not completing it:
and here it comes the problem, i really can’t figure out what is wrong with it, looking at it it simply doesn’t appear to me “good”.
Could you help my understand how to improve it?

Thank you, any critique is very appreciated.
(the scale of the doors may look strange, them are the actual scales of the real building,)

Nice modeling. If you want to improve it I think you’ll have to work on texturing and lighting. Add some dirt and cracks at the bottom of the building, maybe some mold to improve realism. Add some visual interest with shadows ( a tree casting some shadows), some grass in the cobblestone … Make it lived and a little bit dirty.

@Defmaka - +1

The formation of the flock of birds closest to the top of the image looks a little strange and is leading my eyes away from the building, Maybe just keep the other flock that is more out of focus?

Are there gaps in the ground floor windows? Or are they meant to be doorways, if so they are to small in relation to the main entrance door.

Also, the trees on the right of the image are currently growing out of brickwork, You should change that to a grassy/dirt section. Some of the branches are also intercepting the brick wall.

Nice work so far man, The modelling of the building is nicely done :slight_smile:

In addition to Jamies feedback, the DOF actually gives the scene a touch of miniature world. Besides that this technique actually should stear the eye on something. Well it’s all about a building so I wouldn’t use it here. That also would allow to see some more details of the building.

thank you all for your replies, sorry if not responded quick but these times got lot of things to do.
Now i really have lot of things to work on.
just learned how to add decently a bit of dirt over those surfaces so @defmaka i’ll certainly do that, and i’ll try the grass in the cobblestone.

@Jamie B you caught me, i added the birds very quickly short before opening the post, now that you made me notice that only a storm of Pteranodon might be so big :P.
For the little gaps in the front they are actually sliding doorways, and those are the true dimensions of the building(they used it to build ships,long long time ago).
The problem here is to make visually immediate that this is actually a \Huge door and the other normal ones, as i would like to avoid people in that, I am really not good at character modelling.

Surely as Xerubian pointed out The DOF create more mess about proportion, the problem is that the buildings out of field are poorly modeled as they are industrial horrible building with(where they actually build ships in).

Thank you all for your feedback, it’ll take me some time to apply those modifications, as soon as i’ll do them i’ll post here.