Old looking paper material

Ok, I’m trying to create some old-looking paper material (using nodes)… like the paper they used in china and japan to write on .
And after 2 hours of trying around, nothing satisfying came out.

Cozuld you guys give me some advices please ?

One option would be to create a seamless texture based on a good reference image of such a paper. There are tools for that. For instance you can find plugins for GIMP that can be used for that.

I suppose it would be possible with procedural textures as well. In any case you need to provide a reference image or images so that people can try to mimic it.

did u already take a look @ Resurgere?
There are many paper textures over there …

ok ill check resurgere… and ill post a reference image later (right now i have something in my mind but dont have an image)

the paper should look like the paper used in japan for calligraphics… i dunno if i can find a reference pic for that, ill try…

in the meanwhile some resurgere stocks:
some papers -

yea i saw the ones from resurgere, somehow thought they dont fit what i want to do…
the paper should have a brownish color (occer or how it’S written) but it should be a very light tone.

I want to put the old japanese flag on it (with red stripes) and it has to have a good contrast therefore.