.: Old Lookout Tower :.

Hey, a lookout tower I did mostly for texturing tests etc etc…
Just over a 100 Kb, soz 56Kers (I’m one myself… lol)


Utilised ambient occlusion (thanks Eeshlo!) just didn’t want to note that since there are so many of those tests right now ^^
This is mainly based off of a few stills from LoTR ^
^ Damn, you’ve gotta love Tolkien and Weta!
BTW, I know, a lack of stairs lol Just jump :wink:

grabs a rope ladder

Nice job! Maybe the dome on top should be a bit reflective; it looks like it should be metallic gold colored too.

Very nice test :slight_smile:

Crits: floors look too thin, ground floor arches are stylish but will collapse soon unless of steel, whee are ladders to go upstairs?


Usually bricks are as thick as they are high. your wall is too thin. other than that it looks great. nice textures and lighting ofcourse :slight_smile: .


Prismatic - Thanx, go the rope ladder! :slight_smile: The top reflective… hmmm… I could see that, but I personally prefer to keep it all stone style, I’m not an adventurous soul :wink:

S68 - I noted in my post about the lack of stairs (commented “Just jump” lol), but the other crits are quite correct… I guess I just had those artist eyes where you don’t see those kinds of little screwups. Thanx, I’ll keep an eye out if I do any similar buildings in the future =P

Wewa - Thanx! Yeah, those darn bricks again lol… Maybe I should make future buildings out of paper mache! :wink:

oo nice, can u post the .blend? :wink:

nice work, but architecturally is very strange to see the same material for walls, floors and roofs!