Old lost in space mini games

I just wanted to post, some old files, lostinspacegames.epizy.com

May be an up date for new file soon.


Correct me if Iā€™m wrong.

But I think you mis-placed this thread.
It should be in #game-engine:game-engine-resources :wink:

Why is that, usually games are posted here?

functioning games that are actively in development or game feature set the more then a resource, but less than a game would go here.

finished games or games that have been discontinued fit better in to the finished games section.

this to me seems more like a finished thing

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That is correct, these are complete, as much as they could be.

For a preview of the proteus battle.


If your game is finished & your not going to update it :arrow_down:
Your thread should be in #game-engine:finished-games

Your choice.

Ah okay, for next time, I will post there. I have the files uploaded to a file site uploadfiles, so they remove every month. I use free web hosting for the blog account as it is easier to update than using wix.


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