Old Mac Fun!

This is really cool, expecially for those of you who speak German. I don’t so I’m just hoping they’ll put up the English version before long. It’s cool anyway… Nostalgia! %|


Also, you can waste your time playing Joust!

heh… When I saw the topic, I thought it was going to be something like throwing them off bridges :wink:

well, actually…

/me tosses a mac off a bridge
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

:o SO NOSTALGIC! I love it!

Hahahaha, I got 18930 points in Space Invaders!
Ah, the good old days…

WOW! Just like being in Junior high again :P.


never had a mac but now…

…i want one too :stuck_out_tongue: .


sorry nathan. i need to understand my commodore 64 first :wink: .

Yes, I’m planning to get one off ebay as soon as I have the money to spare. But maybe prismatic has a couple more he could give me, instead of tossing them off bridges.

We have a Macintosh SE 30 Anyone wants one? :wink: (not)

Damn, I kicked my ass at pong…

Not? Or really? If you have one that works, I want it.

I was at this sight not long ago.
Robotron rocks! That’s about as close to the origional as can get on a pc.

In Sinistar the sound samples could have been better though.
I read some where that it cost them $1,000.00 per word to digitize the samples for the origional game back in around 1982 or so. There are only like five or six different words arranged in verious ways to make several phrases.

Old Macs:
I remember the first thing that struck me, when I first saw one in a department storestore, was the highres graphics. Impressive back then even though it was in grayscale.

Macs are dare I say…evil!!!


Still fun to play around with!

Sooo cool! I bet we will see a Mac OS X version in a few years… lol