Old man bust

I did this head model a week or so ago for the Montreal Blender Conference, and just now started texturing it while at the conference today. while at the Blender conference today. Right now it is nothing but a procedural texture and some vertex painting. Main thing I’ve got to do is unwrap the uvs and then bake out the texture so that I can then go into photoshop and add more detail like beard growth and such. I’ll also get a bump map as well soon as it’s unwrapped.

Comments and critiques are of course always welcome and appreciated.


nice head :slight_smile:

pops needs to stay out of the sun though, he’s pretty pink!!

the area above the outside of the eye looks a bit low, like he has a pained expression on his face, i think…

Its good, but he does look a little young for an old man I think %| Also,some grey hair would be nice.

Could you elaborate on how you think he looks a bit too young?
And as I said in my first post I’ll add beard stubble and hairs just soon as I unwrap the uvs for the mesh.

Thats a good model-- hope to see more work come out of blender like this-- couple of tid bits though-

there is a part in the gray model – under the nostril which doesn’t appear to be right-- it’s in the pink model too – but no as obvious. It’s not a normal crease -

Maybe the skin should sink in behind his jaw bone-- looks a little off.

Plus if you want to make him older you could show the gravity around his eyes-- sunken in and down if you know what I mean. Bags in there. The nose and the ears keep on growing in old age- you could make them a little larger too-

And maybe some of the edges / wrinkles could be a little harder. You could crease those and see how he looks -

hope that helps-- looking good

Okay after more time at the conference I did some more work on the skin shader, and also did some quick expression tests to check out my edgeloops and shape keys :smiley:

Again, these were very quick tests, about 30 seconds each; so obviously they could use more work.

Looks good! How about showing the topology?

Of course.

Thanks, I’ll do some messing around with the mess just soon as I get home from Montreal, see if I can make him look older.

I’m curious, is it possible to model a complex model such as a head without any poles?

From what I’ve seen it doesn’t seem that it’s a terrible thing to have as long as they are in the correct location. You have one near the inside corner of the eye, the other is on the cheek.

Does a pole cause problems in areas of movement when animating, such as an eye blink or smile?

If you want good topology you have to sacrifice a bit and add a couple a poles. Poles don’t cause any problems as long as they in the right areas. The two that you pointed out on my mesh are fine as that area of the skin doesn’t move much. But if you were to place one, say at the corner of the lips, then it could cause issues. Poles are like tris in that they don’t deform well, although they’re not near as bad as tris.

Great mesh dude.

Some more modelled wrinkles would make him look a bit older though. Especially add sone baggier eyes. Right now he looks to be more in the range of 40’ish than older, which I think you are going for.

Hope you are going to unwrap and paint some proper textures for this guy too?


Thanks man. I think I probably will add some more wrinkles and such.
As for the unwrap and texture painting, I’m going to go ahead and unwrap it, then use the texture baking script to bake out the procedurals and vertex painting, I’ll then open up the baked texture and do some painting in photoshop to add more detail, make a bump map, ref map, and a specularity map.


I hope you post how you do the texture, especially the texture baker, I have yet to figure out how to get it working. Thanks for the wires.

I’d be happy to. Just soon as I’m done I’ll post the blend with the material settings and explain all the different aspects of it.