old man- character-( he isn't wild, I made a mistake!)

[>] I made a mistake with the title %| , He isn’t supposed to be “wild” as I wrote( I should review my english speaking…) but calm, thoughtful, quiet…
What do you think about these:

I’ve been working on it for 3 days. I wanted to test my bump and diffuse maps possibilities on a detailled head. I’m a bit proud of my work %| %|
I hope you will like him.
PS: I used a little post-process with adjusting contrast. :smiley:

looks good, he looks like he could get wild, but in these photos he looks calm. nice work.

I agree, he looks a little more calm than wild.

Nice modelling and the textures look very good. A specular map would definitely help this guy out a lot. Also, hee needs a nice skin bump map. Looks very flat right now.

He needs more modelled wrinkles to give more of a feeling of being old. That can be further enhanced by a nice bump map with finer wrinkled around the eyes, mouth and forehead.


There is nothing more wilder than an old man with cross eyes!

Which brings me to the only miniscule bad thing about it - the cross eyes. Not that big of a deal. I might be seeing things too, but, it looks real good!

Old men get cross eyes. No, really. It’s true.

Well, some do, anyway.

I think they add to the effect here. This guy looks … disgruntled.

also, the eyeballs need textures at least up to the totally awesome stamdard you’ve got the rest of it – the white bit is too whit - it needs more yellow/veins/just general texture

I like the lips and eyes, really good work on that one. What I don’t like are: ears (look at your ear in the mirror, it looks completely different) and jaw (a liitle to "boxy’ - I guess you were modelling it from the box :slight_smile: you should round and bump the jaw below the ear). I also dont like the nose (somethings wrong with it).

Shader is quite nice, eyes, mouth, chin and forehead are perfect :slight_smile: I like really them.

Thank you for your comments guys :slight_smile: .
The character wasn’t supposed to be wild( I was mistaken with the title…I’m really sorry).
I already used a bumpmap for veins and some skin effects( If I show you a close-up of the lips, you will see some “wrinkles”).

cross eyes…disgruntled…

Some old men look cross, serious or strict all the time; and I don’t know why :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :expressionless: ?
Ok, I’m going to add some veins to the eyes and put him eyebrows.

Good modeling. The ears nead to be improved though.

The skin material looks very good. How did you do it?

nice job! i think he looks a little bit too square. thats just me.

[>] For the skin:

  • First I put a light pink-orange color to the material. Then I used a simple Lambert shader with SPEC~0.500 smoothed by Blinn shader~1.900.
    -I add a Cloud(voronoi F1)texture colored in black( size=0.08).In the material window, I reduce the COLor intensity of the texture(~0.180). Here, I increase the bright value of the texture to have less freckles to the skin.

[>] Then, the lightning setup has an important part:
A WHITE-BLUE lamp + a RED hemilight aiming to the top+ AO ( Plain and Add)

I hope you understood my explanations ( It’s too hard to describe exactly my process…)

[>] Here is my character with eyebrows and ears correction( I hope it’s better now …)


He should have some hair. Very few people become COMPLETELY bald.

Wow, that’s great! There’s a lot of personality there, and great modeling and material too! I like it! :smiley:

:o Me too!

eey like it very much, nice moddeling! Only 2 comments;
-In your last render, whats with the ‘smoke’ on his forehead??
-The lips are nice but i rarely see them with pure skin color…

I think the textures and lighting are very good. You improved the ear but it could use some more enhancements. Further for the modeling I am not sure about the tip of the nose and the nostrils. As I said the textures are very nice, but they somehow do not fit together. It looks to me as if the head is a mixture of an old men and a newborn baby. The eyes, for example, are too bright and clear. Such eyes have only small kids. Elderly people have them more turbid. Though the skin looks very realistic, it is skin of much younger man then the shape of the head suggests. I miss the deep and large-scale wrinkles on the face.

I hope I do not sound too harsh, I mean it well. I really like the model and I think it shows that you can. And I hope you will. :wink: