Old man face

I’m working now on small project inspired by art of Albrech Dürer.
Modelling done in sculp mode based on few metaballs as basic shape.

This is early WIP. Now I have to make arm and hand. Hair also need some work.

Well allow me to first say that it looks great! The only complaint is the hat: It appears to have some sort of gloss on it. A little too shiny, thats all Im saying! Oh and whats the particle count?

Oh and One more thing looking at it again: It appears that the cheeks too pronounced. Even on an older individual the cheeks aren’t that pronounced. they are also a little low.

I disagree on the cheeks. Particle hair is a tricky one to grasp…even when the hair is long. The hair is the only thing that needs work from what I can see.

Looks great !

Is the beard done with particles? … + curveguides?

Can you post a screengrab of your particle settings? / curvegides ?


I think everying is just right besides the eye lids. they seem to be one thing as if they were one thing. not towo eye lids that are shut … and there are some hairs sticking thought the hat other wise things look amazing !!! im guessing you used the sculpt plugin?

PERFECTLY AMAZING!!! Some of the best hair work I’ve seen. I’d only crit the eyelids, like M@tchue.

Well done… it just about looks convincing.

The skin texture doesn’t quite work yet. It looks more like a rubber sack / clay blob with knife cuts on it.

Eyebrows are a bit harsh/rough.

Hairs are looking good. Just the tips look a bit dull compared with the rest.


Love it,

the only thing is that the eyelids have grown together i think.


Your are right about eyelids. To be corrected. For now there is no serious skin shader.

dürer would be yery proud of you…
I think this is spectacular good work

Update. Now there is the hand and furry collar. Now it’s time for rest of coat and some background. Then texturing and hair finishing.

i’ve been always impressed with the fine use of details in your renders !
the hairs, wrinkles, hat texture on this new model is really impressive…
(this piece is heading towards the gallery imho…)
keep us amazed with your progress !

I think modeling is almost done. Now it’s time for texturing.

:eek: That amount of detail and you haven’t even started with the texturing!?! This is going to be amazing!

I was convinced all those little lines on the forehead and cheeks was a texture map.

I don’t see any eyelashes.

This is awesome work! Really convincing!

Crits (tough, but I guess that’s what you need here):

  • The hair on the furry collar is way below the level of quality the rest of the
    image has. The hairs are way too straight and really not placed very randomly.
    There should be more hairstrands, cause it looks way too thin now.

  • Also, you should have a look at reference pictures, and settle your mind on
    a look and then replicate that as realistic as you can (in your case I guess that
    would be very realistic).
    There are many types of fur collars.
    Google further on yourself, to find more pictures.

  • Something about how the sleeve on the left deforms and wrinkles that doesn’t
    feel right. Try applying more sence of gravity to it (it kinda floats around the
    hand and arm right now).

  • The hat is well modeled, but in the bottom, where it makes contact with the
    head, the shading and lighting doesn’t feel very convincing.

  • The background isn’t very good at all. What’s with the wood anyway?
    Even though it’s blurred, you’d wanna give some more thought on the back,
    and put some more work in it.

  • How did you manage to make the face shader seem so soft? It’s almost
    sub surface scattering-like, in a way. Though i agree on that it’s maybe a
    little too much, as stated earlier.

That pretty much was it. Hope you’ll be able to use the crits. Keep it going!

You’re pretty productive innit :P. Very impressive work Mathias! I wonder where this is going… Crit: I find the scars or scratches in his face (especially on his forehead) rather exaggerated. Perhaps it’s just me.

Briliant model, not sure about the expression seems like a sleeping happily expression but maybe this is what you want.
My only other crit is that the back of the hat doesnt look right unless he has a larghe bump on the back of his head.

Personally, I love the hat, love the modelling, atmosphere with the b&w is great.
I agree with M.p.h.e that the sleeve looks a little unnatural.
Like Woodman5k, I thought the details on the face and hand were texture maps. The current textures on the model are not modelled are they??