Old man in a bar

Hey blenderartists,

I followed Kent Trammells tutorial on the SSS-shader and it was so easy and fun to listen to him that I continued with his other parts and now I am kind of happy with the outcome.

Any feedback on what I can improve would be appreciated.


nice guy, but the bar seems more like a fancy old house than a bar…

Awesome job! :yes:

nice one here .Good modeling, nice texturing. It seems that the lightening flatten the face, and makes the eyes looks as kind of feline look :wink:
My 2 cent

looks pretty much like every other pub in england, cant fault the background!

what chrisX said about the eyes, i agree, a bit too sharp at the corners, its too much even for an oriental fellow ( not sayin he looks oriental, just sayin.)

the angle of the pose looks a little off in comparison with the background, its minute though, i wouldnt worry about it!

Thanks for your feedback, I fixed some things you pointed out such as mainly the lighting and the background. I still have to change the eyes and maybe the whole background.

The top eyelid to me looks too bright, maybe darken it slightly to make it appear more realistic. Apart from that, looks brilliant - good job!

great mood here, bravo

I like! :slight_smile:

But your shadows look kinda strange, sort of grainy…?