Old man [Portrait]

Hi, Today i finished new artwork. hope you like it.
Soft: Blender, Gimp

Looks awesome. Do the crit lies in the lightning. Three point lightning would be great.

Beautiful work Maqs, incredible attention to detail. His shoulders seem a bit narrow, but feh.

I have to ask: how much of the details (especially the pores) are sculpted, and how much textures? How high did you go with the multires?

CD38<–This is model, so you can see what i sculped, model hace five multires levels
Btw. Texture was done as layer in gimp;)

Wow! Amazing! So is the bumpmap from the Sculpt tool in Blender as well or is it from the texturing in Gimp?

Great example of the new scult mode.

I remember seeing this on the subdivision modeling forums- nice job

what does the shader consist of?

I’m scared…it’s too real…it looks a little stretched upwards…but still…too real:eek:

that was a compliment btw lol

hey just as a comparison, can we see your base mesh? and your wires? I’m interested how topology works/doesn’t work with sculpt (haven’t really tried it yet). Great job on the sculpt/modelling, you could push the lighting a bit more so it’s less flat, a bit brighter etc… would really show it off :slight_smile:

wow dude… this is good shit!!! damn fine work!!

Hi. Thanks for coments, but big part of this image was done in gimp;)
I rendered in blender 4 image, 2 image for back and front sss, one image with softs shadows, and the last one only with ao, I load it to a gimp as layers and i mix it. I also do one layer with colors.
This color corection was made by pnoland from subdivisionmodeling forum.


Nice to see you posted this here to share with everyone. Again, beautiful work.