Old Man- realistic render

I must finish this project:o

A very good sculpt. The skin shader looks a tad too waxy & monochromatic, though. Maybe trim the SSS and introduce some mottling to the skin hues & values?

WÔÔW, that is just great

but i think the cigar needs a little more work :slight_smile:

Im no organic modeler, but the only thing I see wrong at the moment is the skin looks a little too waxy. Other than that it’s pretty realistic.

little update:

the beard looks fake…Other then that…nice!

Not much he can do about the hair without going to different software or creating it from textured planes. For some reason “hair” doesn’t render properly.

Edit: Looks great by the way!

pretty good. The beard needs to be shaded though, and it looks like you are using strand rendering. I would use normal rendering for the hair, although you might want to tone down the amount of hair particles, as normal rendering takes longer. It also needs to be a little wispier than it is now. About half of the current alpha would be appropriate I think. And on normal rendering, the material has to be on “ztransp” to have lower alpha.

Very nice, fantastic modeling!

The only small crits I have are the beard needs a little bit more attention. The strands look a little bit…well I don’t know actually. They look a little bit off, not completely realistic.

The other crit is the area around the eyes. The eye is really well done, and the face is really well done, but the space in between looks like the skin just stops. No depth to the skin maybe?

very nice modeling and texturing

Well, the original skin was good, the waxy effect was caused by a too high spec shader I think, if you lowered it perhaps the effect would be near perfect? Skin diffuses light, it doesn’t reflect it very well.

The wax effect has little to do with spec. Wax is a homogenous material so if you build a skin shader that applies sss in a homogenous manner that’s what you get. the only way to get away from this is to make sure that sss is never applied uniformly to you face it always greater in some places and less in others. A multilayered sss skin shader like the one built by Maqs with texture maps should allow you to get more realistic results.

settings for skin shader I change later (tyrant monkey, this skin shader is maqs and pixelwore mixed shader that I prepare) now I’m testinh hairs,
what you think about this?

That is so awesome. I think this one is sure to be a pick of the moderators.

Is it just me, or does he look a bit like Abraham Lincoln?
Thanks for the answer tyrant, it’s nice to learn something about how sss works, the tutorials don’t actually go over it much.

Very good work. Sorry my english is bad. I think there is still a problem with eyes. The iris are too clean. It looks like glass eyes. Compared to the skin there should be blobs on the iris. It’s a old man. And also there is no eyelashes. I do characters with makehuman and I do eyebrows and hair with the blender’s particles. But for eyelashes I kept the makehuman’s system : An image of eyelashes with alpha on a mesh.

You can see a bad WIP


The beard looks MUCH better.

It will be alien version, I think so

Amazing. I love the eyes of that most recent render!

Hi kellyq, very good render, especially the modelling and skin shader…

my crit would be around his eyes, generally eyes have a layer of liquid over then which gives them there specularity, but also gives a very small rim between the eye and the eye lid. The rim usually gives a specualar highlight which will conenct the eye to the eyelid better. The other thing is eye lashes, they will also make it look much more realistic…

I’m keen to see how it turns out!

ps i suppose if he is an alien he might not have eye lashes :evilgrin: