Old Man

I started out with a basemesh made using the voxel remesher, then I did a basic retopo of the head since I knew I wasn’t going to be doing any rigging or animation. The clothes were made by sewing with the cloth sim. And finally, everything was textured in Substance Painter.

Based on a concept sketch by my sister.


looks like my sister husband !!!
nice work !!!

Thanks. You should show it to him and see what he thinks.

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I like it pretty good. only two critiques (if you don’t mind) are the skin is a little to waxy, and it looks a little underexposed.
Cloth textures are pretty good. I like the overall style!

Oh I don’t mind at all. I welcome critiques as that’s how I learn from my mistakes.

Regarding the skin, I agree. I’m not particularly happy with the shader. It’s just a simple principled shader with an SSS map plugged in. For the next character I do I want to try and set up a better material. If anyone has any tips on creating a good stylized skin shader I’d be happy to hear them.

The lighting has a bit of an odd setup. It’s just an HDRI, but the one that gave the colors and angle I wanted cast hard shadows and so I added a translucent plane to act as diffusion and soften the shadows. Basically the same approach a photographer would take. I’m not sure that I agree it’s underexposed, if anything, I think the skin looks a little lighter than I wanted. The texture is quite a bit darker than how it looks here.

yeah i think ill do that !! lol