Old man

I’m moving this fellow over from “Work in progress” as I could use some suggestions of where to go next…

This is my first “real” head project, except a dozen cartoony things. Well, and my self portrait. :slight_smile:


Please C & C.

Very good, though if you’re going for the old man look, try making the skin around his forehead and mouth slightly droopier or wrinkly. I like the skin though and the over all model.

Thats a pretty increadible model.

Maybe make the forhead a little more wrinkley, and enlarge the ears just a bit…

The skin texture is awesome. Are you planning on giving him any hair?

this is good stuff.

some points :

  • base colour is a bit too uniform, and too saturated
  • corner of eyes need work, especially on an old person
  • chin can be a bit boxy, but that is still in the possible
  • eye socket-nose connection topology is not that good, but it is a difficult part

Except these 4 points, and only the first 2 need attention imho, the rest is very good.

I would think if he is old his ears lobes would be droopy, and his ears would stick out more at an angle. They look like they are pasted on, otherwise cool model! Looks like a retired mafia hitman.

Thanks for your feedback, all! Having a few new sets of eyes to look things over really helps. :slight_smile: Here’s an update:



  • Enlarged irises and pupils.
  • Slightly paler and less uniform skin.
  • Droopy eyelids. I might “droop” them even more. Haven’t quite decided yet. I’ll just have to experiment, I guess.
  • Smoothed the chin a bit. I want some of that “boxy” look, but I agree that it might have been a bit much.
  • Enlarged and rearranged the ears a little, and pulled the earlobes down a bit.
  • Pulled the corners of the mouth down just a tiny tiny tad.

I think that was it. :slight_smile:

Still todo:

  • Forehead needs more wrinkles and texture. Same with cheeks and rest of the head.
  • Hair. Not sure how to attack this. Static particles seem so … unruly.

Feedback welcome. :slight_smile:

Actually a crown of unruly hair would seem to be in keeping with your character. Just a short circle above ears and around the back, leaving a mostly bald top.

Yes, I agree with that one. If you want more control over the hair though you could try the card method.

Here’s an experiment with hair, using static particles.

I can’t say I’m very happy with the results. The eyebrows look moderately okay, but the hair in the back is way too dense and short. Multi-layer effects seems to be non-working, too, so all the hair is from the same settings.


Could you post some pics of your particle settings so we can maybe help you make the hair look better?
And for mulit layer, there’s always the time-honored solution of duplicting your mesh, and removing the parts that shouldn’t have hair, and then split the mesh (PKEY) into eyebrows and sideburns.

You could try the card method with the hair on the side of the head.

No, the hair looks like indoor-outdoor carpet. The bags under the left eye don’t look quite right; those on the right look better. And to me, the width of the eye opening seems just a titch too wide. The ears seem glued-on.

But… he’s definitely got expressiveness. A sense of character is already showing through. The catch-lights in the eyes are well-placed and realistic, as are the eyes themselves. The portraiture lighting-setup is good and crisp.

Another tiny update. Thanks for the feedback, all.

I have stopped worrying about the hair for now, and will focus on the facial details. I’ll get back to the hair at some point, though.


  • Redrew parts of the bumpmap for the left eye bag
  • More voluminous eye-lids (both top and bottom)
  • Slightly narrower eye openings
  • Some cracks/lines over the lips (bumpmapped), needs improvements
  • Realigned the ears a bit more. Not sure I’m 100% happy with them yet
  • New iris texture (bluer and a bit darker)

Click to zoom:


  • Higher res bumpmap, as demonstrated with the close-up. That kind of zoom is more extreme than what I ever will use, but I still think it will be worthwhile to do it. (The lip cracks warrant it, too.) I can’t say I’m looking forward to it, though. :wink:
  • More wrinkles in the face in general (esp in the forehead and eyebrow region)
  • Discover SSS.
  • Hair? Hmm…

Anything else?