Old Man's Head - My First Blender Sculpture

Hi guys,

you can find a short video below:

that’s the first sculpture I’ve ever made. During sculpting I had made a few observations, which you might find useful:

  1. It’s worth modelling the basic mesh as close as possible to the shape of the final sculpture. The time spent on this will be rewarded later. It’s crucial to have as regular mesh as possible in all steps!

  2. The grab tool can help a lot at the beginning when it comes to fixing wrong proportions.

  3. It might be even interesting to do the retopology in the middle of the process and start again with the better basic mesh? Have anyone tried this?

  4. The rest is obvious: Grab, Draw, Pinch (for wrinkles) and Smooth

In general, I am quite happy with Blender’s capability to sculpt. The only complain would be about the number of polygons Blander can handle. It seems to me that it’s quite low to meet today’s standards. In spite of the fact that I’ve got a decent computer, I’m stuck when go above 200k! Hopefully there will be some improvement in the near future. Otherwise I see no limitations when sculpting in Blender.
I’m interested mainly in real-time, so I’m just examining Blender’s normalmap pipeline…

The home of this sculpture is here:

Have a nice day,

+++ Filip STOKLAS (FipS), http://HOLE.4FipS.com