Old me


I’ve been working on this scene the past days, in these moments is just a work in progress.
So I would like to get some feed back and all kinds of critics & comments.

Sir this picture is amazing and i love the concept of it and how this image remind us that death is inevitable and those lenses flares are truly amazing but the forest (sorry for saying this) need adjustment.I suggest instead of having the trees in the background make a detailed trees path with the grave at the end of it while surrounding it with some trees and then add god rays falling on the grave and don’t forget to add those lenses flares they are amazing.I know that this easy said than done but if you spend some time on this project you can take this amazing picture to another level :).

Haha. Cool, is this internal?

You need to add some good rays and a little bit more mist to add more atmosphere.

I like your image and the atmosphere you created. The only thing I’d reconsider is the scale of the lantern compared to the grave stone. The grave stone appears to be small because of the big lantern.

Thanks everybody, Yes this is internal (cycles) volume rendering is a pain in the ass. I haven’t done new rendering because my HDD died. Sorry :s