Old micro brewery bar

Here is an old brewery reconverted into a bar with a read corner and a computer area.
Modeled with Blender
Rendered with Octane Standalone using DL Diffuse and PMC kernels.
Lit with sun and hdr
Rendering time varies between 2h and 3h on 3xGTX1070 & 1xGTX780 depending on the resolution and the view angle.
Some tiles, fabric or metal textures are grabbed over www.poliigon.com

Will try to find time to make some closeups.



This is an amazing work. Nice job.

it’s soo nice, i like it… 5*from me

Wow, this is good stuff!

Excellent as always. I love how you did the canals, beautiful.

Thanks for your feedback :wink:
Will post 3 more images soon.

Beautiful work

Just added 3 more images :wink:

really good

Great work. Can you tell more about metal pipes material settings? What maps do you used?

Wow, it doesn’t get any better than this!

Also, hats off to the interior designer, great job. Is it a real place?

Outstanding! Really beautiful work. I’m interested in knowing more about your render process.

We don’t need no education, we don’t need no-
Oops, got a bit distracted by the big posters :stuck_out_tongue:
Jk, amazing render! Love it! :smiley:

The renders look incredible! Your bloom (and all the post processing) looks spectacular. What technique are you using to get the shaped bloom? Is it a convolution bloom of some sort? What software did that for you?

Stunning. Do you find Octane easier to use than Cycles?

Great great, a excellent work, congrazt, my starts.

Wow, Stunning! As someone else asked, Is it a real place?

Thanks to everyone for viewing and commenting,

This is a mix of several textures, a copper with a plaster to get some variations, I also added dirt texture and a large noise on bump to break the flatness.

No this is not a real place, the build is inspired by something I saw in a movie, but can’t remember which one, other than that it’s a place that just exists in my mind :wink:

Nothing special about the process, cook, cook and cook again. Some post processing using Affinity Photo mainly to fix some noise, increase the lighting effect and desaturate. Bloom is mainly the result of Octane post processing.

As said the bloom effect is the result of Octane post processing and some Affinity Photo post processing.

I really don’t have enough experience with Cycles, so I’m much more comfortable with Octane but I’m quite sure that a skilled Cycles user would find it as easy as Octane.