Old model <-LINKED, new renderer: soooooo much better.

Hi there:
HERE ARE THE LINKS FOR SamAdam (posted below too) w/ the hope to see the resulting work in Toxic
http://www.hpks.com/artsy-funny/corkscrew.blendover 3MB (SORRY :-? )… Armed w/ it, I should combine that w/ a pic of a summer brew bottle of??? :wink: Yes, the Patriot beer maker.
Now that I have kinda resumed my blending activities, I played a bit w/ the new ray tracing feature (I realize not so new)… Hum.
Ok. New to me.
SO I re-rendered in Blender Internal render this corkscrew of mine I did a long time ago. I put a couple of white rods atop to give a bit of an environment. I found the result so good, that I decided to post it. I put a bit of blurring w/ my old friend Gimp to add to the realism (yes, I dare speak of realism, for the first time in my life).
I think Yafray is fantastic. But I never managed to get anything decent out of it (I wanted caustics etc…). I messed w/ XML to no effect. Anyway, just to compare what I could do then w/ Yafray:

Nice model and render. Glad you dusted it off.

Heh, before reading I thought that first pic was a reference… Great job!
Yafray is definatly a great rendering program but to me most of the renders with Yafray look to plastic…


Very good!

two crits (about the first render)

  • to enhance the realism, try adding reflection of a kitchen (?)
  • there are gradients in the metal which doesn’t show in real life, try eliminating them (maybe no “set smooth” on these parts ?

but really - very close to realism.

That looks very nice! Blender internal renderer has certainly improved a lot lately.

Blender is cool. LOTR rocks! Sorry, it’s off topic but I got ROTK today!

The formost render is nice, but make the shadows softer by using an area light. Second tone down the amount of reflection, the contrast induces seizures :stuck_out_tongue:

Great model, I think with just a bit of work it would look even better!

hey josh! Thats awesome, go Toxic!
in fact, I have come to this thread to petition this model to test toxic. It does well with very shiny objects like this, and I would like to see what I can do, heck, you could be on the blender website for the toxic render demo!
come on arnaud0, wanna give up a .blend?
my email is down there. [>]

God Damn thats a good model, it looks exactly like a corkscrew i have. Very well done. Maybe you make it a bit more metallic in yafray but increasing the reflection and changing the material to a grey.

Hello all:

Thanks for the feed-back. Glad you liked it.

SamAdam: you wanted the model, here it is (if you render it, you get what you see here). Sorry, I went for “realism” not low poly. Size was of no
consequence (I never care, I always end up w/ gigantic file size…):

http://www.hpks.com/artsy-funny/corkscrew.zip 1.6 MB or so.
http://www.hpks.com/artsy-funny/corkscrew.blend over 3.2 MB
I know it’s a shame on such a simple object, it’s a choice I guess. %|

You know what : I’d love to see it rendered w/ Toxic, now that I know that it exists.

I’d like to quote you all, but for some reaons, I can’t seem to be able to quote more than one person w/ the name. Hum… Mad cow disease, I presume.

Let me address these, shul:

  • to enhance the realism, try adding reflection of a kitchen (?)
    —> like env-mapping? Or better yet, a real world to put around???
  • there are gradients in the metal which doesn’t show in real life, try eliminating them (maybe no “set smooth” on these parts ?
    —> that’s because acutally my world is a grey gradient (I had a Ansel Adams kind of feel in mind, and I almost pushed the gamma correction to contrast even more… but
    it’s already very contrasted.

Dittohead: True: I should go for softer shadows. It’s not a spot though, just a plain dumb old lamp w/ ray shadows (since it’s available now ;))

blade: that’s flattering!

mr_rob: you are the first one whom I saw talk about Toxic (now I see there is a tool to export to blender).

L13: changing the material to a grey.
correct, it’s a pure white.

It will try to combine your suggestion w/ that of Dittohead (but it took a few hours to render (it’s just as slow as Yafray, but man, I love it).


That is one terrific [!] model. :smiley:

The kitchen would be environment-mapping.

I agree that the picture is very contrasty. Simply changing the color of the backdrop and putting some color into the light would help that.

The zoom is also very, very tight … an “in your face” corkscrew. Maybe pull the lens back a little bit?

Now that gives me an idea. Down in the basement somewhere there’s a nice bottle of Chardonnay… :wink:

UUuuuuuhhh…Shiny …




Actually, my actual thing is… chrome.

sundialsvc4: Thanks for the comment.
As far as the lense goes, I must say that’s a deliberate choice. I enjoy the ability to have a camera so close to a subject and the “in your face” effect this kind of smooched close-up gives, but I concede it’s very personnal.

I guess I need to study env-mapping. Yafray has this HDRI that’s very attractive. I don’t have any good map. I will have to fish around :wink:

Ah! Toxic!

I spotted toxic browsing a site with a list of GI renderers a while back now. I immediately realised I was onto a winner. Made the first post in the “Interface and Tools” section I did. :smiley:

Having just started to learn Python I decided that writing a Toxic exporter would be a good first project seeing toxic has a nice well-structured xml format and is an impressive renderer too.

I fell into the exporter very quickly (Python is easy to learn once you have made the first few steps) but development slowed down once I had to go back to school (for the last time thankfully!). Anyway, I kept adding improvements and now the script has a GUI to make the settings.xml files as well.

Recently, SamAdam has come onto the scene and is helping promote toxic and improve the exporter. We have a lot of good ideas for the future. We could do with a little Python help I think (anyone willing to help a little?).

Anyway, the corkscrew is a great model (well done!) and nice and reflective. As SamAdam said, it is an excellent model to test ToxicX (the new official name of our exporter).



Thank you for the kind comments.
Congrats, and thanks for the work with toxicX, your python exporter. Actually, yes, I saw you up there, on the Sourceforge discussion forum. I saw the Toxic first surface on a silly Sputnik WIP thread I posted (nothing). I wondered if there was such an exporter (lazy me: just go and look for it yourself). But I confess that I haven’t tried yet. Still, if by chance you or SamAdam may render it, I’d find it great. I must say that a simple picture of sunglasses got me going in Yafray. DOF and were so good!! I dreamt I would one day emulate that…

Q: Does toxic handle displacement map? I dind’t find it in Yafray (maybe it’s there).
For more toxic exposure:

Don’t be shy: you’re the specialist, as dictoon says:



Terrific render. Personally I think complicating the reflections would not imporove it at all. I love it just the way it is. lol


So I’m the specialist am I? That’s news to me! I suppose I have read the documentation (just about) :smiley:

Anyway, I don’t think toxic does displacement yet (though I could be wrong). Currently it doesn’t even do IOR and transparency but then it is developing quite fast.

I don’t think yafray does displacement mapping as such either (though as you are probably aware, it can use Blender’s displacement mapping or bump maps).

As for renders, there are two (by me) in the Toxic forum “Finished/WIP Artwork” section . They aren’t impressive but you should be able to do a nice cornell box with the script in its current form.


Good job with this model! :o

As you released the blend file, would you mind also submitting it to the Blenderman magazine (http://www.blenderman.org)? It would be so kind for all that missed this thread! :slight_smile:


it’s perfect :slight_smile: .

great model and render !

I most certainly will! I meant to write to L13 to that effect (but I’m not sure the “private message” ever went). I guess my boss will kill me if I keep doing blender stuff, and I don’t do much computer stuff at home (not TV either for that matter :wink: too many kids to look after)

I guess I need to register and will, but tomorrow.

Koba: thanks for the extra feed-back. See, I didn’t even realize that disp / map was available in Yafray through Blender. What do I know? I like so much the new render (even diffraction, man), I am not so eager to focus on Yafray. I guess I can always fake the caustics anyway.

redhot and nastacc, thanke for the approval :smiley: