Old model new render

(Sutabi-old) #1

Well its something i did about 1 month ago and was fun i rendered it in blender first then in lightflow and then in blender using radiosity (just learned to use it for almost 1 1/2 years ^_^)
anyways heres link:(Blender)
Newest render:

Lightflow render:

First blender render:

which do you like best?

(S68) #2

Like most third, but blade edge is not smooth…

can’t tell dimensions, but it vaguely reminds me a pizza knife :stuck_out_tongue:


(valarking) #3


(SKPjason) #4

Before I say my answer, no - I’m not giving my answer to be a blender martyr… but I really do like the graphic style of the blender render… as a second choice… I really like the moodiness of your newest render… I like the lightflow render the least… just seems to much like every CG thing I’ve seen lately…


(By the way… nice work… i really like it :wink: