Old New York - Camera mapping

It’s been a REALLY long time I didn’t post anything on this forum… So I’d like to show you my latest, a camera projection test which I did using Blender 2.49 and Photoshop, based on a picture I took from the New York Public Library website.

Hope you like it, feel free to comment! :slight_smile:

WHOAH. How long did this take?

Very very nice. I’d love to see the geometry you used for the projection!

It looks great!

VERY cool… perhaps this is how they do the standstill pans in like the NBA commercials and stuff… I would love to see a behind the scenes on how this was done.


@David: You can see a tutorial on the general process here: http://www.blenderguru.com/camera-mapping/

Ok… I figured it was something like that but there were two things that made me question it: 1) I couldn’t see any signs of clone stamping. and 2) the camera moves a fairly notable amount and shows off lots of stuff that isn’t in the original image and those parts fit seamlessly into the scene. Very well done :slight_smile:


Done well. The only thing that I notice is that the shadows do not move when the camera does.

Very good! :slight_smile:

Bravo! Very well done, even some fx studio would break a sweat to achieve this! I too would like to see the geometry you used for the projection.

Hello everyone, and thank you all for your kind comments! :slight_smile:

I never know exactly how long it takes me to do anything, but I was some two or three weeks with this.

Glad you liked it… in fact I did a lot of cloning in Photoshop. I made the projected image wider in order to allow the camera to rotate more. I’m attaching some pictures which will make the process clearer.

This is the geometry over which the images are projected. As you can see, most of it are just planes with alpha, except for the bus which is more detailed.

Here’s the same geometry as seen textured in the viewport. The images were projected using the UVProject modifier.

And this is the main background image, as you can see there was quite a bit of photoshopping. I didn’t anyway paint out the bits of the bus that are not seen :p. As I said, I made the image wider to allow for more movement for the camera, and the frame was added later with the node editor. Of course the scene is made of more than a single image. e.g. the front left wheel of the bus was photoshopped to prevent the engine compartment from showing on it when turning the camera, then saved as a different file and projected. That’s something you find out when building the scene.

Hope I made everything clearer… I hope to find the time to make an actual tutorial.
Thanks again everyone!

Thanks for the ‘short’ tut! This has been very informative, I do hope that you’ll find time to elaborate some more.

Really nicely done, thanks for sharing your technique.