Old-photo look

I feel dumd having to ask this, but how do you achieve the old-photo look? (I thought it was AO or something) Alltaken and X-warrior used it on there tanks. And many others use it. And I don’t know how to :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: .

I don’t know of any way to do it in Blender, but you could get The Gimp and apply a filter to it.

AAALLLTAAAKKKKEEEEEEN!!! look here! :smiley:

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I don’t exactly know what you mean by ‘old photo look’. Grain? Monochrome?

I think he means sepia tone, just a gues. :smiley:

I think it was grain.

Weren’t the models (Alltaken’s and X-Warrior’s) just rendered with no textures and AO (lower sample, more grain). You can get the sepia tone by changing the sky color for the AO. The Iron Horse (old train) render that was posted here recently was an excellent example of the “sepia look”.

I’m not positive about this, but it’s how I would have done it probably.

yeah, I remember people telling them to up their AO samples to reduce the grainy look…so, apparently just reduce the samples…

if you don’t care about color make it black and white and if you do put a plane in front of the screen and set it alpha low so as to create the illusion of it being blurred around the edges. A simple texture is needed and can be made in your favorit editor. Other wise use phtoshop or gimp to make a filter to put over top.

I checked. It was “grain”

Here is an only blender way with texture method you can see and download:

Kirpre was right… in the pics you mention it’s just AO with sky color set to something slightly yellow/brownish.

Just build a filter in front of the camera, a simple see through plane with texture should do it, if its animated parent the plane to the camera, you could even make an animated texture with scratches on! :smiley:


thanks all!

Well, what I wonder is… isn’t there a Sequence Editor filter that could be used to achieve grain and/or the old-photo look?

Obviously, a tool like Gimp could be used to work with a static image, but if you want to create the look and feel of an old movie you’d need to do it with SeqEd.

This is basically “color grading,” like they did with scenes in O Brother Where Art Thou? to create the look of old film in a thoroughly-modern movie. All of the work was done digitally in post-production, by remapping the colors. I expect that SeqEd would have a filter, built-in or probably third-party plugin, that will do that, no?

In any case, it seems to me that this effect would be much easier to achieve in post-production than in the original render.

I think sundial’s right. If you think about it, old style scenes looked the same as scenes today, it was just the process of capturing the scene that made it look different. In Blender, you should try to make your 3d scene as real as possible, render and just use some post-production editor to make it old.

The only way to get it to work better would be if the Blender renderer was able to render in the same way old fashioned cameras produced images. But you’ll just rack your brains trying to come up with ways of doing that. If it’s static then use gimp or photoshop - there are a few tutorials out there on this. If it’s film, Quicktime Pro actually has a built-in ageing filter and I’ve found it works quite well and is simple to use. It puts in the noise lines/cracks that old film has.


Go here, see old movie and others :smiley: