Old Piano - Lighting Study

Hey everyone!

Quick Update: You may have noticed I haven’t been as active lately since posting my Morning Pancakes render. Its for good reason – I’m three months into a nine-month blender project which I am really thrilled with. I’ve got to work out a few things, but I’m hoping to get a thread up sometime soon to fill you in on what I’m doing. At any rate, hopefully I should be releasing the finished project in early 2017!

Anyways this little render here was a weekend thing I did a while ago to test lighting and post-processing, trying to get a gritty look.

The ladybug is NOT a final model! The model is really simple and doesn’t look great, and it was really just a placeholder, but I decided to abandon this image and call it finished as it is. SO a few things could definitely be tweaked. This isn’t a serious full render – I was paying attention to lighting. The spiderwebs are procedural, which is why they don’t look incredible but again, the focus is on lighting.

So enjoy!


Once again ELI you leave speechless :slight_smile:

Lighting is superb, Eli! I’m looking forward to the final touch. Excellent work!

absolutely stunning!

Thanks guys! Your words mean so much to me!

Phenominal lighting! The almost sepia-like tones create a really nice mood for the scene!

And i like the way the vibrant reds of the ladybug break through from the rest of the low saturated colours, it works very well :slight_smile:

Thanks Jamie! Yeah, I found through this image just how much colour and lighting strengthen each other, and the atmosphere of an image. Great to hear from you!