Old Place scene - free for everybody !!!


Hello guys :slight_smile:

Since this scene was my first serious things that I’ve done in blender 2.55, I decide to gave it under a Creative Commons License.
So, with this scene you can experiment your texturing, lighting, rendering skills :slight_smile:

You can download the scene here:

::: Download :::

I also upload a scene at BlendSwap, just wait for a admins approval :slight_smile:

Milan Thanx!

Hvala mnogo!

Looks nice.

thanks i’ll have a look at it, i’ll take a look at the modeling too.:slight_smile:

Nice modeling :slight_smile: … Wait, you know where I live? GHAAA! … (my old address number was 109).

Awesome job.


Thank you - I am sure I will have a need for this wonder blend file!

thanks for sharing

Wow. Thanks for sharing. I watched your thread and always wanted to have a look at your modeling style.


I always admired that scene. Thank you for sharing it.

Very nice scene, thanks for sharing!

thanks for this Milan, i also love the old house in your site, awesome work!