Old Playhouse Scene Feed Back

Hello, i am just looking for Feed back on my scene for an animation i am working on called “Ornamental Solider” , this is an old playhouse which is now being used for storage. and i am looking for any and all tips on possible improvements for my scene :stuck_out_tongue: . i think the biggest problem with it is the lighting but i cant seem to get it right :o, this camera angel will not be used in the animation it is simply to test. there is also a character standing on a box, this is just a low resolution render.


Another Render in the Cycle Engine. Looking good but get rid of that grainy look.

lol its grainy because its only got 55 samples … ill set it to something like 500 when i go to the final render but ill have to play around with it :o but i am just wanting some criticism before i take the time to render something anyfurther that isnt working

OK there is an updated render now

no ones got any tips? :o … oh well guess i am on my own then.

The texture on the cardboard box looks alittle big to me. The glass material looks good but the break doesn’t look right. A little bit too dark. I think I see some glass from the window on the cardboard box but can’t really tell. One question Im asking myself is what broke the window? You might add some decal on the boxes like an arrow for this side up, or fragile.

this playhouse is based on the playhouse i have at my house that we use for storage now . the window was broke because my brother shot it with a be be gun . the reason i kept it broke is it is how my characters get out of there. textures for boxs and decals will be easy and i agree it’ll make it better. i wasn’t happy with the glass break . but its generated by the cell fracture ad-on so i can always try again :stuck_out_tongue: and yes there is shards on the box’s. there there in the animation but will really only be noticeable when the he jumps out the window and there scattered on the ground. but ill be able to tell better when i get to the layout of the animation . but that’s a ways away. id also like to get an opinion on the outside of the shed. ill get a test render up

OK here is a render of the outside i took some wood textures from cg textures and generated some textures that wood tell blender were to put the paint and were to put the plain wood texture. but i am probably only gonna keep it on the floor texture since its the only one that exists on the actual playhouse. the rest of it was just a test of how it could look but since there is no rhyme or reason to it i feel it looks unrealistic so i am ether gonna tone it down or remove it from everything but the floor.