Old projects showing on new

I know im new to blender but I have reviewed dozens of post on my issue and have found nothing so far that fixes it. Heres the issue. When creating ice text I was successful and it looked pretty good. The next attempt at ice text using the same process as the previous attempt the old project would come up. The project would be going great until I changed the fluid of what I was working with to domain. Thats when the old project would show up. This occurred when changing fluid to domain on anything else as well.

What I tried:
deleted startup.blend
reset blender to factory settings
removed any files related to blender(including some in hidden folders) from my system
uninstalled blender and rebooted system
reinstalled blender
None of this worked

My system specs:
Win7 Pro 64bit
I3 cpu and Intel DH77EB motherboard
8gigs ddr3
Evga g4orce 560ti with 2 gigs ddr5

Any help is appreciated

Delete the old fluid cache files or change the location where you want to save the new fluid cache

Thank you for the reply will try it and let you know how it turns out. If a mod sees this I just made a similar post to this one about the same issue because I thought this one had failed to post. If you dont mind please remove it. I am sorry for the inconvenience

Worked flawlessly thank you for your tremendous help =)