Old Pumpkin

This is one of my older images I made some time ago, but I would love some feedback on it
I realise there isn’t much in the actual scene itself and since I had a day to complete it in (for Blender cookies pumpkin contest) I might be interested in adding something to the scene
all suggestions appreciated :yes:

I like the black pumpkin. I don’t find the orange one nearly as interesting. I do wish I could see the black pumpkin better. Different (more?) lighting will help that.

It would be really interesting in a haunted/old house type scene.

Wow, I was expecting a boring pumkin (normal) but that was a lot better! Love the concept.

I too like the black one. Very creative and badass looking. Put me down as a big fan of devil pumpkin! :cool:

Not so much a fan of orangey though. His wings look kinda like a chicken wing with some feathers pasted on. And the bump-mapping feels a little too heavy. It plays with the texture/lighting in such a way that it feels like I’m looking at a compressed 256-color image (i.e., lacking nice soft/smooth transitions from one color to the next). Just my opinion of course.

Anywho, still extremely impressive for 1-days work. For what its worth, I enjoyed your black pumpkin more than the actual 1st and 2nd place winners in that contest.

Thank you all!
It was my original idea to make a devil and angel scene, and when I finished the devil model first I almost didn’t even bother with making the other model. And was going to just go with the devil model.
I definitely went overboard with the texturing of orangey. As for the wings, it was my first time making wings and I completely agree when they really do look like chicken wings.
Thank you! In fact you’ve inspired me to remake a scene just for the devil pumpkin, any ideas?