Old Radio || Game Engine Ready Asset

Here is a game asset I made for a personal project of mine. It contains 4,874 tris, I think. Seems pretty highpoly, but that’s as low as I could get it without sacrificing more important details. I rendered several different material textures from the Quixel Suite 2.2.0 (dDo to be specific). The textures are @ 2048^2 px wide and I got much higher quality out of them by creating separate texture maps for the main body, the knobs and the readout boxes. I also later added the speaker (right) with dDo and the wire connecting them, which was not textured in dDo.

I’ll add more pictures soon. These were taken with the OpenGL render in Blender 2.77 viewport. This asset looks almost exactly the same in-game, just with slightly darker shadows.

(I tried attaching them via BBCode from Imgur, but it won’t generate a thumbnail, so I had to change the first image, sorry if it’s inconvenient…)

P.S. You can right-click and click on “Open image in new tab” to see the full res images.