Old Room

This is my first finished project! I usually give up and move on to other projects, but for some reason I didn’t on this one!

This scene reminds me of my childhood in the late 90’s early 2000’s when I had old televisions, watched movies on good ol’ VHSs, and played video games on my ps2 while sitting on bean bag chairs. I used PBR nodes on pretty much everything and came out looking really cool.

This took 8 hours all night to render on my gaming PC.:spin:

Chromatic Aberration removed:

This is really nice! The glow and general soft lighting overall I like. Was the dof done in ps? it’s just that my eye goes to the telly which blurs out quite a lot comparatively to rest? Maybe I’m imagining things:)

Really great work!!

The DoF was done all in Blender post processing using nodes. I wish I had Photoshop though. $10 a month isn’t bad though. I need to get a job, lel. At least there is Gimp that helps me quite a lot.

it seems your books are about 80 cm high