Old Rusty Gobblets

Hi all. Im new here and lerning blender .I love it .
This was made in blender latest build with cycles render.
I have modo 501 but i find blender 1000 times better.
Please let me know what you think ,I need to get better
Cheers Ralph


The shaders are great but there is definite texture stretching on the wall of the cup. You could also use the fluid sim to create a more interesting image.

Thanks, im still learning the node editor ,is this one better


I think this should be moved to Work in progress.
Thanks Nivos i posted another pic but it has not yet been aproved

Has anyone got a idea how i can better this
cheers Ralph

One of the reasons that it looks a bit “wrong” is that silver (what fine goblets of that color are generally made of) doesn’t rust, it tarnishes.