Old Rusty Mailbox

This is an extension of what I made as my non-competitive entry for the BWC #431 themed “Old Technology”. I would appreciate some critique so I can see what you see. Thanks.

Nice image. Here is my critique for what it is worth:

  • The modeling is good
  • The road and grass modeling and texturing is top class, 5 star quality. Brilliant!
  • The texturing of the mailbox itself let’s the render down, it doesn’t look metal at all, on my machine almost looks like a material with thin stripes. The rust is not bad but hard to tell next to the metal.
  • The snail is a nice touch, but compositionally not sure it works for me, can’t really see it properly. Also the slime trail looks overly thick, should just be a mildly green shimmer.

I like it!

@ghostly606: Thanks, that’s good feedback. The thin stripes are actually ridges in the mailbox that I intentionally put there because a lot of mailboxes have latitudinal ridges. I used a wood texture straight and made it affect the normal. Attached is a closeup so you can see it better. The problem is, at the camera’s distance and the resolution, image artifacts end up making the ridges look diagonal instead of horizontal. Perhaps I should ditch the idea of the ridges and just make it a flat aluminum texture and get rid of the rust, but still keep it beaten up a bit. I’ll try that.

Here, I turned on mirror on my mailbox material, upped the specular and hardness and turned down the gloss. That improves the metal quality quite a bit I think.


Compared to the grass in the background, everything looks very cartoonish.


A little example I made earlier (like 2 months ago, that is one cake you wouldn’t want a cooking show)

I painted mine with Blender and the use of some 2k textures. Did you paint it or did you simply use procudurals? Because the rust looks like it is procedural, but the blotch shape looks painted. Also, the pole needs a bump map and a little bit of grime and stuff like that. Why would the mailbox be all beaten up when the pole is brand new? Doesn’t make sense to me.

My 2 cents has been thrown.

there isn’t much point turning on relfections on you mailbox, as it isnt reflecting anything.
you might as well just get a sky texture and set it to reflection - it’ll speed up render times as well.

secondly, your rust looks wrong, you should go onto cgtextures and find a good rust texture so it looks a bit more like rust instead of ketchup…

other than that, the grass and road are very good :smiley:

@Wefyb: Thanks for sharing the example, it helps. Below is what I have now. I think I’ve improved the look of the mailbox. I gave up on trying to make it look rusty for now. The blotch that I had may have looked out of place, but many of the reference photos I found for rusty mailboxes had a big blotches of rust on top. I did make the texture myself in Gimp, but it was made a bit too quickly.

I changed the wood texture of the post to be more cedar like as that’s what I found in reference photos as well. I’ve had a heck of a time trying to make the slime trail look right. Also on the mailbox, I increased the size of the ridges, turned down the gloss and turned on tangent shading, which helps a lot I think by giving it that horizontal specular highlight.


The ceder is too new looking, the soil isn’t bumpy enough for my taste.
Usually asphalt falls apart at the edges and tapers off,
I’d personally like to see some of that.
Maybe some grunge and stains on the asphalt?

Road and ground texture are brilliant.
Mailbox is looking better; but must agree that the wood looks to new.
Also the slugs green slime throws the image off. It doesn’t fit at all in the image.

Its good ! but I think , more clarity is needed.I suggest that you should work on it.

is it really realistic to have a mailbox with that big of a dent in it? Most dents are more squarish unless inflicted by a very round object.