Old San Francisco Hotel (The Master Bates Hotel)

Dear all,

Well this is an older Blender model that I started at random one day after looking at a small photograph of a little hotel in old San Francisco - it had evidently been converted into such from a classic building and I thought it was lovely & cozy to look at. So for some reason I thought I’d try my hand at modeling the thing in Blender, purely from eyesight and with just the one photo for reference.

I got so far, and then set it aside for a time, some time ago. I’m planning on getting back to work on it very soon now, so I thought this would be a good time to share it with you here, and see what you think of the Master Bates Hotel (yes, I had fun with the rude-sounding name, lol!) :cool:

Here is the original little reference photo, alongside a small preview of the render:


And here is the render, fullsize (1080 x 1920, JPEG):


I’ve actually gotten quite a bit more comfortable with Blender since making this, so there are some errors that I wouldn’t make today, present in this for now. I’ll post some more renders and updates too as work progresses. Materials obviously need work and more, but all in all for a work in progress I’d say that progress has been made so far. Your feedback is as always, welcomed. hugs


Rachel :slight_smile:


Here’s a couple more renders offering a closer view. Can’t decide whether the fire escape’s handrails should have sharper angles (mbh10) or more rounded ones (mbh15).

Sharper rails (smaller preview, link to full-size render of 1920 x 1080 at the bottom of this post):

Rounder rails (smaller preview, link to full-size render of 1920 x 1080 at the bottom of this post):


Anyway, here are the links for the full-size renders:



Your feedback as always is appreciated. Materials still need a lot of work, and lighting hasn’t even begun to be addressed. Just interested in seeing what people think so far, seeing as it started out as nothing, just to see if I could, and kinda out of the blue began to become something nice. :cool:


Rachel :slight_smile:


Rounder looks more in tune with the shape of the base support structure; but sharper looks like the cheaper no one will will see it cast iron fire escape ethos.

No help from me I guess…