Old School 2.5D Platformer Needing Character/Environmental Artists

The type of game is just an old-school hop and bop platformer, similar to, say, Mario, or Donkey Kong Country ( Returns ).

The game stars a young, tribal kitten of a girl named Maowi. Maowi however, is, well… kinda a wuss. How much so? She’s scared of her own shadow. Not so bad? Well, see, when she’s scared, she panics. And when she panics…lots of things end up broken. Exiled from her tribe, she wanders the jungle, starving… but soon gets wind of a legend of an inexhaustible food supply by a wandering forest sage. Extremely hungry and despondent, she figures it’d be nice to live there, and, sets off to find it…completely unaware of the many dangers standing between her and her food.

However…a greedy and gluttonous treasure hunter also hears about it, by chance- and he’s planning on staking his claim there as well, and leaving none to share! Hence, it’s up to Maowi to run, jump, swing, cling, and in some cases, scream to find her edible treasure nest before that mean ol’ hunter gets his greedy mitts on it!

The project is unfortunately unpaid at the moment, although we are planning to put it on Kickstarter, or possibly utilize Desura Alpha Funding once we’ve got enough done.

The style is cartoonish and vibrant, similar to, for example, Donkey Kong, Klonoa, NiGHTS, and what we need at the moment are artists who are capable of drawing lush, natural scenery such as jungles, caverns, and beaches in such a style. Also desirable is a programmer capable of creating a platforming game which will have a varying amount of character- and level-centric features and variations. At the moment, I am executing the game’s design and developmental direction, however I am also doing a bit of programming. At the moment, it is me, and a friend who is doing the character modeling and concept artwork.

The main character:


The bad guy:


And some of his lackies:


Contact can be reached at [email protected], Skype via prominenceflare or via PM over this site. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

Bump, if you don’t mind…

While the story seems solid enough, most people only join a project when they know a little more, or what you can do.
Maybe you could post what you can do?

reminds me Capitan Claw :wink: want to see more!

I’ll be handling some of the programming (although I am by no means great at it and will certainly need help) and the general game’s design documentation. I’m also a pretty good scriptwriter (as in creative writing), and although most cutscenes won’t have a ton of voicework, I’ll be taking care of that, as well. I’ll also pretty much just be helping out here and there where I can, such as building levels or maybe basic, simple modeling (can’t texture, however).

I hope the graphics will be the same style as the concept art. It is and incredible 2D effect: the lines are a perfect width (not too wide to make it fake and not too thin to make it look too thin). BTW. your main character image isn’t showing up :frowning:

Aye, I hope they will, as well. That’ll be reliant on the modelers to keep as close to the concept art style as they can.

Also, it’s not showing up? That’s odd, I can see her fine.

Me too, (I can see her).
The concept is nice-looking, I wish you luck!

Many thanks! (Still looking for character modelers.)

Bump for new artwork- some of the bosses in the game.

Wait, explain to me, are you looking for character modellers or designers? If modellers are you looking for 3D models?

Character modelers, 3D, yes.

I could probably do one or two. I’ve been wanting to build another character since I finished my foxy but like most times when I try to be original or creative I draw a blank.

just thinking - this could be animated with cut-outs.then we can use that concept art straight from the page. Cut each charactor into -
leg from inside
leg from outside
arm from inside
arm from outside

youd save on polygons, and it would look more like the original sketches.

How low-poly are these characters going to be? When I do a “low-poly” model, I try to go for “next-gen-low-poly” so that I have enough mouth geometry for speech phonemes but if there’s not going to be much voicework then they can probably go a lot lower right?

FYI, my fox (my avatar) has 3954 quads in his body, not including eyes, teeth, claws, or tongue. With the fur particles turned off, he runs nicely in the game engine.

hey there, do you have any game demo footage or screens? even if it’s very preliminary it would help in your search for artists to jump on board. good concepts, reminds me of old skool cartoons.

Huh. I didn’t get email notifications. Rats. Anywho.

Piroh, I’d say that’s about a good number, actually. I can’t see your avatar picture too well due to the size thing, but around 4000 quads/8000 tris seems like a solid number, give or take a few more. Thing is, despite not TALKING much, I’m rather fond of facial exaggerated facial expressions, and one of the gameplay mechanics is a sort of sonic scream she can do (out of fear, mind you- think Courage The Cowardly Dog); I’d hoped for this and other expressions to be fluid and easily noticeable.

Unfortunately, Dalron, I’ve nothing at the moment- this is partally due to family medical issues popping up, and those have been taking priority. Things haven’t entirely calmed down yet, but they’re reaching a state of… equilibrium, I guess, so I can begin to refocus my efforts onto my game and not onto my family member’s ailing. I’m rather glad you enjoy the concept, however; that old-school cartoon feel is exactly what I’m going for.

are you making a 3D or a 2D side scroller?
let me know

2.5D typically means that you are constrained to move in the X, Z direction, but object and scenery (and players) may have 3 dimensions.

More or less. 2D sidescroller but with 3D models.