Old-school Arcade Pack (in-progress)

I’m making some arcade games, little things not too complicated, and considering I’m going about this in all the wrong ways, I may ask for some Python help some time down the road. The finished project will entail 3 games, each kind of old-school but with a new-school kick to them. I plan on selling them when they’re done (all in a pack, because i don’t feel like cheating people with tiny, pointless games), so it’d be nice if no one “steals” them (however that’s supposed to be defined these days). Anyway, someday I’ll get around to posting demos of the other two, until then, you can fool around with this one.

Sorry this endeavor isn’t as grand as some others on this board.

Here’s a link to the .blend in case anyone feels like checking this out: http://www.savefile.com/files/401509

and some little screenies:

well im not hundred percent sure what your after but i got the mouse over working, you cant have anything blocking the balls invisible or not. have a look :smiley:


post was irrelevant.

“Look ma! I’m contributing to the community!!”

yeah, well, did some updates. retooled Siegel’s code fixes to jive with my code structure, and i changed around some textures, to make them look a bit more spiffy. gotta change the screen shot though, but it’s still practically the same.

i’ll get started on the “solving” part once i find out if i can get a list of colliding objects from a blank collision sensor. the gameLogic pdf was no help, as half of it was “blah” and the rest didn’t say what the methods do. any help would be appreciated.